September 21, 2015 at 8:33 am

A Darker Shade

A Darker Shade

by Salvin Kumar

Fairness creams
Lighter shades of foundation
Indoor football
Well lit selfies

A revolution of recognition
A bigger racial battle
Marrying who one wants to
The identity crisis in a larger diaspora

Yet internal battles
Within one’s own people exist
The fairer child preferred
The fairer bride adored

Even after “telephone conversation”
Or the white “souls” of the feet
There live superior black hearts in
The inferiority complex

Amongst one’s own
A race that measures success
In intellectual achievements
Fails at self recognition

Fails to say
Yes I am black
Yes I am brown
The darker shade


Salvin was born and raised in Fiji. His Great Great Grandfather migrated to Fiji from British India as an indentured labourer and decided to settle there. Salvin worked as a teacher and a part time radio jockey for a Hindi radio station in Fiji until he moved to settle in Australia. He currently does casual teaching at High schools in Western Sydney.

Poetry is something that gives Salvin a sense of self realisation, “I feel like I am me when I write. It allows me to escape into a world that I am yet to fully discover.”


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10 thoughts on “A Darker Shade

  1. Rohitesh Prakash Sen says:

    Great bro

  2. Kolinio says:

    Great work Salvin! As i can recall our high school days and where you are now! Very determine and hard working.
    This is one of the many fruits yet to be born.
    Good luck and all the best OB

  3. ranjana says:

    Well done Salvin.hope to read more of your poetry.

  4. Ashneil says:

    You’v done it yet again!
    Nice one Sal

  5. Ronald says:

    Nice bro, keep it up.
    Good luck.

  6. Salvin Kumar says:

    Thank you so much everyone.

  7. Vish says:

    You are a poet.
    You have beautifully expressed yourself and given voice to a very real issue.

    Great work. Looking forward to more.

  8. Ashneil says:

    What a great inspiration enveloped in a beautifully worded poem by Salvin

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