May 23, 2015 at 6:29 pm

Here comes Meddling Maami!

Hey you’all, stop stop! Don’t start the party without me. I know, I know, I’m late, but that’s no reason for you to finish all the love cake and mango mousse! Not to mention the sandesh and jeris and swaaris. You know how long it takes for your Maami to look her gorgeous self and I didn’t want to turn up at the shinding to see my favourite nephews and nieces without putting on my heirlooms, no?

Meddling Maami

Meddling Maami


Anyway, I’m here now and it’s soooo nice to see you all here. Ooh, you were this little when I last saw you and look at you now! Ooh, those are some lovely duds. And who’s that on the soundtrack? Nitin Sawhney? We’re going to have a groove and a jig and a slide paaarty!


But first things first.


Now, I know you are all grown up, and you all know everything about all these brand new ways of the world. But don’t forget, your Maami knows a thing or two about what makes it go round and round and round. Still seeing that handsome dude from the milk bar? Oh no, he’s making eyes at the barista from Rebar? Well, no matter poppet, you were far too good for him anyway. And congratulations on that big award you got, your parents are proud of you now I daresay.


Remember how you used to snuggle up to me at bedtime at our farm during your summer vacations and tell me all about what happened at school or what that Ganesh Uncle’s sister-in-law’s son’s cousin did on the playground? Well, nothing’s changed. Your Maami has kept up with the times. I know all about the facebooks and twitters and handles now.


I’m here, to listen to you, to laugh and cry with you and have the odd word of advice or homily. After all, not everything changes, no? So many years of juicy stories to catch up on.


And when I go back to the farm, you can just write to me and tell me all your news and about what is bugging you. I promise I’ll write back. Here’s my very own email address.

And you thought I was so last century.


Smooches my darlings…


Now for some of that divine sevaiyaan…




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